Industrial Lifts & Material Handling Solutions

Your production lines need to move material efficiently, quickly and safely to compete in today’s world.

Hydraulic Lift Table

Reliable. Durable. Affordable.
Lift up to 4 tons with ease.

Pure Electric Lift Table

Accurate. Quiet. Clean.
Achieve your sustainability goals.

Mobile Lift Table

Mobile. Light. Versatile.
Work efficiently & safely.

Hydraulic Lift Tables

  • Simple and reliable tool to lower or raise loads to any height for virtually any work environment
  • Affordable design with highest PSI lift capacities to handle heavy-duty lifting in industrial environments
  • Ideal for production lines, manufacturing, agricultural, mining and service centres
Hydraulic Lift Tables
Pure Electric™ Mechanic Lift Tables
  • No messy oil leaks to pollute the workplace
  • Long service life with minimal maintenance and service requirements
  • Exceptionally accurate positioning thanks to the extremely sensitive ball screw cylinder design
  • Zero pollutants or emissions with Pure Electric™
  • Helical gears that produce very little noise for quiet operation
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical and food manufacturing environments
  • Easy to integrate with other electrical machines such as AGVs and automated systems such as conveyors and more complex applications
Deliver Across Canada

Local pick-up and shipping available across Canada.

Customized for You

All of our products can be customized to fit your needs.


Our engineers will work with you to develop the right solution.

  • Most effective method to transport materials that need to be elevated, through a manufacturing facility or warehouse environment
  • Ideal for warehouses, order picking, automotive service centers, underground spaces and other environments where mobility is essential
  • Perfectly suited for moving and elevating materials in cramped, narrow spaces where limited space could prevent a forklift or larger lift equipment usage
Mobile Lift Tables

Custom Lift Products

When an off-the-shelf product cannot meet your needs, Mayi Industries will work with you to bring your vision of the perfect workspace to life. A talented team of engineers and designers will help you meet your material handling needs quickly, tailored to your needs and specifications.

Custom Lift Products

Need help choosing the right lift product?

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Choosing the Right Lift Product