Hydraulic Lift Tables

Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Our hydraulic scissor lift tables are made from high quality steel, ensuring longevity and reliability throughout their service life. Our hydraulic lift tables help to raise and lower loads using high-quality hydraulic cylinders. Experts and engineering professionals choose to use hydraulics for their high efficiency in lifting heavy objects, and they choose Mayi to meet their material handling needs. Our hydraulic lift products increase productivity and provide significant cost savings.

Why Choose Hydraulic Lift Tables?

  • Simple, reliable and practical method to raise and lower loads to different heights and to transfer materials between different elevations
  • Installation is easy – there is no need to make changes to your existing facility
  • Hydraulic systems can withstand greater pressure than both pneumatic and mechanical systems, making them ideal to lift very heavy loads
  • Hydraulics are superior to pneumatics in terms of both function and reliability
  • Cost-effective hydraulic lift tables provide great value for your investment
  • Provides a stable and secure work surface that doesn’t swing
  • Reduce the risk of injury to employees, allowing them to position the load at any height and avoid unnecessary bending, lifting or reaching

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