Mobile Lift Tables

Mobile Lift Tables for Industrial and Commercial Applications

Mobile lift tables are extremely efficient at moving materials that need to be elevated through your workplace. Used primarily in production facilities, warehouses, mechanic workshops, underground tunnels, mobile lift tables are ideal for use in areas that are cramped, narrow and inaccessible by forklift or other larger material handling equipment. 

Mayi’s Unique Mobile Lift Table Design

Mayi’s exclusive Double Speed Lift™ design allows the manual pump-action lift tables to move upwards at double the speed of comparable products in its class. Raising the platform up faster increases productivity and reduces worker fatigue. Our mobile lift tables are specifically designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, which is why we use only the toughest steel in their construction.

When to Choose Mobile Lift Tables

  • Built to withstand heavy-duty usage in environments where materials need to be moved around frequently and safely
  • Save time and increase productivity with simple and easy positioning virtually anywhere in the workspace, at variable heights
  • Lower costs as they do not require licensed personnel or permits
  • Ensure workplace safety and reduce operational costs as they do not require flammable fuels since they are powered by electricity or manual force
  • Improve ergonomics and reduce risk of injury for your employees while allowing them to position loads while avoiding unnecessary bending, lifting or reaching.

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